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Need help with throttle cable length!


Was it a cat I saw:
Sooo… The local dealership has had my bike (2008 FXSTSSE2) for about 4 months. (Long story. Many fiascos. Hurts to talk about it, and not the point of my post.) Went to see her this afternoon, and the mechanic showed me that I had a frayed throttle cable keeping me from talking her home at that time.

As it turns out. H-D no longer offers the part number in the catalog, 55724-08. The parts man couldn’t find a reference to length so he could find a suitable aftermarket replacement. I left with my hair on fire, and didn’t think to get a physical measurement before departing.

Does anyone know the factory original stock length of that throttle cable? I called Dennis Kirk, and the technical service guy wasn’t much help. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I’ve missed a lot of 70-80 degree “false spring” days of riding here in Georgia the past couple of months. Oh, we’ll! It’s going to be 20 degrees here Sunday morning, but back into the 70s by Thursday.



Or can look up at Barnett here for aftermarket (link below):

Was it a cat I saw:
Thanks, TLR. I ended up getting the OE ebay part, so that I’d have all matching cables. Picked up the bike last night (after 4-1/2 months in the shop!)


--- Quote from: Was it a cat I saw on March 23, 2022, 05:27:36 AM --- Picked up the bike last night (after 4-1/2 months in the shop!)

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Was it the common 110 issues of either cams, lifters, compensator all made worse by supply chain issues?


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