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Road king CVO 2013 max.height ape hangers without cable change



Good day from Ukraine. I have RK CVO 2013. I’m beginner in HD. I have question : what is the maximum height of ape hangers which I can instal without cable change? And as I understood I have hydraulic clutch, not wire one?
So many thanks in advance for any info.

I have a 2014 and was able to go with 12".  I recommend finding a good company to buy the bars you want from and hopefully they can help with these details.  I went with KST Kustoms and they were very helpful with discussing what would fit, what additional was needed/recommended for install, etc. 

Stay safe over there and all the best!  Great looking bike you have!

12" on a 13 CVO king do not require a cable change.  Yes its a hydraulic clutch.

thank you so much, will text to KST Customs.
When you live in US it so many variants to check different ape handlebars, but here when you living in EU you have to buy and you don't have possibility to make a mistake haha..^)


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