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Last August I purchased a 21 CVO Street Glide in Sunset Orange & Sunset Black. I upgraded from a 2002 Road King so you can imagine the excitement I was feeling at the time. Completed the break in just as the dealer instructed and had the first service just as I was supposed to. Well after the first 1500 miles the excitement started to fade. At around the 1600 mile mark while riding along the bike suddenly felt very hesitant when I twisted the throttle, I noticed the fuel injection was "searching" a lot (hunting back & forth) and just not stable. Finally after a few more miles several codes popped up so I took it back to the dealer I purchased it from. A fuse had blown which controlled the O2 sensors among other things including the solenoids on the heads which allow compression release when starting. After doing a quick search, they found nothing wrong replaced the fuse drove the bike on a 15 minute test run and said I was good to go.

I took the bike and road a while but never got the confidence the problem was resolved. Well at 3200 miles while my wife and I were on a fairly long trip through the mountains the fuse blew again. We were on our way home on a Sunday afternoon so I stopped at the nearest dealership to see if they had the time to replace or look at the fuse. The dealership was extremely busy but did read the codes and told me I could leave the bike and that it would be several hours before they could look at it or I could drive it on home that it wouldn't hurt the bike to ride it like it was and there was no safety issues in doing so. We came on home and I took it to my local dealer the following day. Note: this is not the same dealer I purchased the bike from. I purchased the bike 2 hours from my house because my local dealer didn't have the bike I wanted. Well these guys spent 3 days going through my bike looking for a reason the fuse would blow. They took the bike apart looked through all of the wiring harness, ohmed things out, did several test but eventually found nothing. They spent all the time that the "warranty" would allow them to spend looking for a problem then replaced the fuse and sent me on my way just as the other dealership had before. No worries there I understand how it is to find an electrical problem that's intermittent.

Well here we are at 4200 miles and riding home on the interstate running about 80-85 mph one Friday afternoon I could feel the bike act differently and I began to hear a tapping noise (and yes I heard it at highway speed). I pulled off at the next exit ramp and the motor was just tapping and clinging like it was about to come apart. I shut the bike off and looked all around trying to see something dangling or hanging out of the motor but found nothing. Checked the oil and it was good, was darker than I figured it should be but at least it was still there. I started the bike back up and at this point oil pressure was good and no codes were on the bike. I decided to drive it home easy which was only about 15 miles. Made it home and loaded it up and took it to my local dealer the next day again which is not the dealer I purchased it from. They found 2 of the lifters had failed and also told me the oil was low and very black. The internal pieces of the lifters had exploded to use their words and no other damage had occurred. Well they ordered 2 lifters and replaced them, however when they started the bike back up it was still tapping and clinging as if something was still loose in the motor. At this point it's also smoking like crazy. At this point I want a new engine and Harley has yet to agree to that. They wanted them to do a compression check, do a leak down test, and take a video of the bike running and send them.

I've called Harley Customer Service which is absolutely no help at all in these matters and I've talked to everyone I know trying to get a new engine. I've also called the dealer I purchased it from. They are saying they could possibly get a new engine but I would have to get the bike from where it is now and take it to them. I'm not a mechanical genius but why would they want to do a compression check when the obvious failure was the lifters? The lifters are in the bottom end not the top end, so why are they wanting checks on the top end. I've read about the previous year M8 engines sumping problems, could this still be a sumping issue? Am I asking too much for a new engine? Has anyone had any type of issue like this? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Andy Ricks

Short answer is the person(s) at the other end of the phone call want whatever they want because those things are on the flowchart or bullet point list they are required to work through for your family of problem.  That it seems (or really is) irrelevant to what you are personally experiencing is irrelevant to that person.  They've got a checklist to document so that is what they will require to be done.  A bike owner named Sisyphus was once punished for his self aggrandizing and deceitful ways by having to argue with Harley Davidson technical support and/or explain to same the illogic of things they requested.

Para Bellum:
Well done, 2LR.  I'd like to offer an additional, but related, version of this answer.

--- Quote from: Twolanerider on June 07, 2022, 10:13:18 PM ---Sisyphus the biker was punished for his self aggrandizing and deceitful ways trying to solve the problem instead of satisfying a mindless algorithm by having to argue with Harley Davidson technical support and/or explain to same the illogic of things they requested for some nerd who doesn't ride and doesn't care if you ever do.

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--- Quote from: Para Bellum on June 08, 2022, 01:01:52 AM ---Well done, 2LR.  I'd like to offer an additional, but related, version of this answer.

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Yeap.  That too.

HD Street Performance:
When those lifters let go it sent metal everywhere. A proper repair is a motor out replacement and cleaning of all the lines and tank, new oil cooler.


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