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2021 CVO Street Glide issues

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--- Quote from: HD Street Performance on June 08, 2022, 10:53:03 AM ---When those lifters let go it sent metal everywhere. A proper repair is a motor out replacement and cleaning of all the lines and tank, new oil cooler.

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Correct. BUT if it is smoking bad he has a problem in the cylinder walls (or rings) and or a problem in the heads (valve guides or seals) No matter where the problem is there is definitely a problem. Like HD said above cleaning of the oil pan, replacement of the oil lines and replace the oil cooler is the least they should have done after replacing the bad lifters. And if the lifters let go what about the cam???? They are leaving to much left to do to do the job properly. But that is JMHO!!!!

Good luck with this.



What "HD Street Performance" said!  There is no amount of cleaning that is gonna fix this!  Metal everywhere, damage has all ready been done! complete tear down & rebuild or engine replacement only options.  Considering newness of bike there really is only one option, and that is new engine.  Sorry to here about this and good luck.

HD Street Performance:
I just finished 2019 which had a lifter let go. Everything was checked, cleaned, and new bearings. The right side case was dealt with to repair the lifter bore. Cylinders honed, pistons coated, OS file fit total seal rings. Crank serviced, was .007 runout now .0005. Heads checked, cleaned, and new valve seals. The owner will install it, and everything will be clean.

Looks like the OP hasn't been back on the site since the day he posted.  Which happened to be the day he joined.  :nixweiss:


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