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Only hitting on front cylinder


04' has pretty much sat over winter.

Dead battery, so i hooked up the tender.

Was very hard to start. When it did there was an obvious issue.

Front cylinder was warm
Rear was cold.

Rear plug is wet.

I read a post that made me think i could have fried the...ECU?...charging the battery.

Any suggestions as to how to go about troubleshooting?

I have not checked the rear plug wire for spark yet.

Just a FYI.

I just learned that, the Delphi F.I. in the twin cams requires compression in order to fire. Thats helpful to know when testing for spark.

Last night I:

Pulled both plugs, grounded to jugs, hit the start button and got a brief spark on the front then nothing on both.

Having been advised last night about a compression related issues:

I put both plugs back in, installed a couple old boat plugs i had, grounded to jugs and got fire on both plugs.

It would seem i simply need a new plug.

Glad you have diagnosed the issue. Good luck and I hope that solves the problem.


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