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Paint correction and ceramic coating......

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After 70,000 miles to the four corners of this country on the most reliable Harley that I've ever owned, I finally pulled the trigger on getting the paint correction done as well as ceramic coating.  Was it worth it?  YES!  This bike looks better than it ever has since I've owned it and it looks better than any new Harley that I've ever laid eyes on.  $500 on the paint correction and ceramic coating was money well spent.

20230418_152216_12831882892187 by JC Mooney, on Flickr


It’s,looking good thats for sure!!

Consider putting XPEL film on it.  That,way it will be protected from all of the gravel and rocks that seem to find our motorcycles.


Best Regards


Looks Fantastic!
Heading your away again for the Kyle Petty Charity Run, picking bike up in Scottsdale & heading to Salt Lake for the start.
May be in your area this summer/fall, will let you know!
Doing any trips this summer?


          Looking good, JC.  :2vrolijk_21:  :2vrolijk_21:


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