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Anyone here with knowledge of the CVO Springer Design history?

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Hey good morning!

Does not appear that there is much documented about the design or the engineer(s) who dreamed up and created these wonderful bikes that we call FXSTSSE, FXSTSSE2, or FXSTSSE3s.  I get that the CVO program began in 2009 and that before that, they were just called "Screaming Eagles", but if any of you guys/gals have some insights into how this model came about to begin with, I would be ecstatic to learn more.

Thanks so much!  Looking forward to see how this topic goes.

2009 cvo springer is just modification from rocker model with springer front end .


Google is my friend.  :2vrolijk_21:

What's So Special About Springer Forks?

Thanks for the response.

I already know about the Springer front ends as I grew up with a WLA that was my father's bike.

What I was asking about was info on who & what thoughts were going into the design of the FXSTSSE3 bikes.  Yes, the obvious is the Springer Front end, but there is much, much more of a mashup of parts that make up  the rest of the bike.  Clearly some of the parts are off other bikes like the Rocker C, etc, etc, etc.  I have just never seen documentation or videos on how they came to this departure from the FXSTSSE and FXSTSSE2 bikes which are more similar to each other than the FXSTSSE3 models.

I apologize if my original question was a bit vague and not clear on scope.

Frank FX:
Design team looks to have thrown the accessory book at the production model. The CVO Springers you reference are in my opinion the best looking CVO's ever produced. Paint jobs that stand the test of time.


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