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2008 FXSTSSE2 front brake pad renewal


Fitted new Ferodo FDB352P front pads to the 2008 Springer today, first time in 8 years.
Last time 8 years ago it was Lyndall Gold plus that went in which are $114AUD in Australia today and not so easy to get it transpires.
Now these are the "Evo" single piston pads, used across the HD range thru' the 80's and 90's including 2007 and 2008 CVO Springers and the Crossbones model until 2011.
Which means from 2000 these front pads were "Springer Unique".

This time Ferodo Platinum Organic FDB352P. That's what the local Indy had on the shelf when I went in looking for Lyndall Gold again.
At $59.95AUD very close to ebay price and no waiting for post.

The Lyndall pads in there were VERY low indeed, I reckon I dodged a bullet hence the "rush" !

Now I also had some NOS Vesrah sintered pads bought a few weeks back from a Yamaha dealer in eastern Australia who was destocking all his Harley pads.
These were $30AUD delivered by Auspost so quite a good deal.
I used to use Vesrah on Japanese bikes in the 80's with no worries.
Further research let me think they wear rotors (discs) more so I kept searching. Don't want to hurt that OEM floating rotor.

The discs thankfully had no damage and were carefully scuffed with wet 600 grit and then wiped down with Acetone rags.

Quite a dirty job actually, I had forgotten how much so ! Re greasing the caliper pins etc etc

If the Ferodo prove to be rapid wearing then the Vesrah will be ready to rock.

Might be 8 years haha...

Vesrah pads

Ferodo pads

Ferodo pads are bearing up well near one year on.

Braking performance is as good as the previous Lyndall Gold+ pads. Good solid bite.

Remembering this is the "old EVO" single piston sliding caliper, albeit with a floating disc and braided brake hose.

My annual Kilometres travelled has dropped these last few years , so wear on the pads appears minimal.

Next job both front and rear tyres....winter approaches here now.


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