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2023 CVO 121 mufflers!


Fullsac Performance:
I finally got my hands on a set of the 121 mufflers. Not a lot of great news for those of us that like to mod the stockers. Unlike previous years, they actually put a lot of effort into keeping us from disassembling them. For starters, the exit end of the baffle is fully welded 360 degrees. No more baby spot welds to simply grind out. Having delt with this full weld before on the CVO Trike mufflers, I chucked them up in the lathe and carefully cut the weld out. Fully expecting the baffle to come out brought my next surprise. It was also welded in at the neck. After cursing for a while I focused on the restricter located about 10 inchs in at the exit. After some careful measuring I crafted up a boring tool and once again went back in the lathe. What came out is seen in the pics. Now you can see straight through the muffler from one end to the other. This will be a big sound increase for sure. I would expect a nice mid range power increase when used with the stock cat headpipe. When used with non cat headpipes like my MX, this type of perforated baffle is bigger than optimum. But if a loud exhaust is the priority over best possible low end power you are moving in the right direction for sure with a non cat headpipe and unrestricted CVO 121 mufflers. We are removing the restictors in house for those interested. I'll post pricing in the appropriate vendor area.

Ride safe!

Steve George

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