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Question about Fullsac TechMat blanket kit

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I have a 2020 CVO Road Glide with a decatted head pipe and 2" Fullsac cores in the stock mufflers. Exhaust tone/volume has always been a low priority for me as I'd rather focus on having a healthy running bike and a good combination of parts. With that said, my exhaust tone is a little snappy/tinny sounding. It doesn't bug me enough to go out and buy new mufflers, plus I love how this setup feels at the throttle. However, I noticed Fullsac makes a TechMat blanket kit. At only $99, this sounds like a good option to mellow out the high end tone.

Can anyone give a before/after comparison of the exhaust tone with the TechMats? I'm wondering if it makes that much of a difference.


I think it does sound better.  It softens it a wee bit. 8 have the same setup but with the blankets.

I appreciate the feedback. Losing some volume for a healthier tone is just fine with me. I've always liked the mellower sounding exhausts anyways.

Mine is a 2020 streetglide.  It sounds good.  It's decent for my neighbors and there is still volume if I roll onto it.

I have done the 2.5 cores and the Tech mat and screens on Every CVO I have had except my 23 as they mufflers were changed.

The tech mat and screens make the exhaust less tinny or raspy.  I think it more changes the tone than making it quieter.  Will still bark when you get on it hard.

Money well spent in my opinion.


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