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So I did a thing today…

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Bought a 2004 SEEG. I really like it so far. I do need a console badge if anyone has one available. Thanks

Love the SEEGs.  And (after the red 2005) you've got one of the several other best colors!  Those really are sweet bikes and I still can't quite believe I sold mine.

There are some somewhat important bits that are now obsolete from Harley and not made by the aftermarket.  So start watching for spare parts to set back if you plan on road tripping with it.  Things like TSSM, fobs, cruise modules and some other bits.  But that's a sweet looking bike?

Any idea if it's cam tensioners have ever been replaced?

Sweet looking SEEG. Still loving mine after 10 years and getting it dialed in to fit my needs perfectly.
My console badge flaked up around the edges. Back then I could get a replacement but it was $70 (not worth it to me) so I put a blank console and the raised CVO Willy G scull that came on the fairing of one of the models of the CVO RG.


Congratulations on the SEEG!  :2vrolijk_21: Good luck finding the consul badge.

Any idea if it's cam tensioners have ever been replaced?

He had receipts of work done and inner and outer pads were on the list of things done. Haven’t opened the cam chest yet. Just got her home last night. 75 minute drive, 20 minutes in some rain. First time riding an Electra Glide. Wasn’t too bad though. I’ll try and get pictures of work done. Thanks Don


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