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... of your Harley-Davidson pickup truck, and please include the year.

It will be interesting to see the changes in the truck over time.

I wonder if there still is an original one on the road???   :nixweiss:

How many models years is there?

How many CVO members have one?

How many original owners are there?

Is there one year that was worthy of having a CVO badge?


I'll start. After Ford stopped producing "Factory" Harley Davidson trucks, They were sent to a conversion company called Waldoch.
My truck is a 2015 H-D authorized "Screamin' Eagle" truck. Special paint, interior pieces painted Tuxedo Black, a lift kit, power running boards
Harley Davidson bed mat and Tonneau cover. it has the Screamin' Eagle head ghosted on to both sides of the hood and the "Screamin' Eagle"
script ghosted over the words Super Duty on the tailgate. My truck currently has 29K miles on it. It is used to pull our toy hauler.

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