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Seat compatibility FLHTCSE2

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I'm looking for a comfier 2up seat. I have found a seat from presumably a -06 Street Glide at a reasonable price. Would it fit? Hard to find info for our specific models.
Tried searching the threads but couldn't find any specifics.

Another pic.

I don’t believe the nose of the seat will fit the chrome console on the gas tank properly if I remember correctly.  Hopefully Twolanerider will chime in among others more up to date than myself.  Good luck!


You really want to ensure you are selecting one specific to your model year.  Harley has been known to change the way their seats are attached to the tank - whether the tongue is on the seat or at the base of the tank, etc.

A quick google brought me to this site of various available seats.

Of course you also have the P&A department at your local dealer as well.

Good luck with your search.


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