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VH Big Radius Pipes


I just took delivery of my blue SE Fatboy yesterday. It has been christened Thumper. Doesn't even need batteries! (well, just one). My husband is getting worried..... Anyway, I want to put the VH Big Radius pipes on the puppy but my local HD dealer says the mapping won't be available for "several months". I found a post on this site that mentioned a Power Commander custom mapping for the 103"/Big Radius combination which I confirmed on the Power Commander site. Has anyone used this yet? Help! I can't even hear my pipes over my husband's '03 SE Deuce with the Rinehart shorts! He keeps asking if my bike is running yet.....

Congratulations and welcome to the site.  The PC maps are pretty accurate and just need tweeking by your dyno tech.  Should dial in pretty quickly.

if you run a PC, you can get a map built right off the dyno. you dealer is most likley refering to an H-D EFI map


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