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great forums!!

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Just have to say after searchin google for days for info on my new scream eagle have to say that this is great beeing able to connect with other proud fathers such as my self!Tp pass info on our bikes or get advice.

Any how i`m wiseguy from canada and nice to meet you all!!! [smiley=smoking.gif]

Wiseguy, welcome to the site!  Sorry it took so long for you to find us.  There's lots of great info. here and some guys have already done some fabulous mods to the new SE Fat Boys, so sit back, take a look around and enjoy yourself.  And don't forget:  [smiley=worthless.gif]

Good to have you wiseguy.

Been a little depressed with all the 10 - 30 degree weather here, near Chi-town. The FatBoy forum here has been quiet so I guess I'm not the only one affected by the weather. It was 65 degree's  here today so now I feel a little better, good to see someone posting in this forum.  

I guess us guys on our barhopers go into hibernation unlike the seeg bagger guys that post every day in their forum. com'on guys wake up and say hello to wiseguy.

Hey, wiseguy, just noticed you're member #777!  [smiley=angel.gif] [smiley=wings.gif] [smiley=ons_1.gif]

Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy the new bike. What color did you get?


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