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Can anyone give me a breakdown of what parts make up the engine that comes on the FLHTSCE? ???
Basically what heads, pistons, cams, ect ect.
Here is my interest...I have an '02 Road King Classic that has the 1550 High Output (for those who dont know, it is much much more than just the "big bore kit" it has heads and I upgraded to SE high compression pistons). I also changed to SE pushrods and valve springs, along with the SE Race tuner on the EFI. The only parts not SE are the pipes, I have a set of Kerker (who makes the SE performance pipes for Harley, but the Kerkers have more flow and are a cheaper name to buy) The bikes been set up like this for over a year and I have not encountered too many Harleys that can even run with me (please note I am not trying to be cocky :-[). Nobody with a Screaming Eagle Road King has touched me, even with pipes and breather. I am an Officer in a local HOG Chapter and have ridden with 3 of those bikes, all that were configured differently, one stock, one with SE pipes and breather and the other with a Vance and Hines set up.
I have an '04 FLHTSCE coming in April and wondered if I am wasting my money on this bike as far as performance goes. I am sure this will start a debate, but speed is very important to me. I love all the other aspects of the bike, like the paint and all the goodies it comes with and the fact that its limited production. My real question I guess is even though it comes with the "stroker", am I gonna have to change the heads, cams and such again on this bike to get what I want or does it come set up hot from the factory with only a restriced breather and exhaust to make the govt happy?  [smiley=nixweiss.gif]
If it appears that I would have to rebuy all the goods, maybe I will just wait until next year when a Revolution powered tourer comes I hear...Thanks all!

There's a thread under the FLHRSEI Road King forum regarding the 103" motor.  

As the old saying goes.......there's no substitute for cubic inches.  Does that mean stock that it's a torque monster? still has to get by the EPA and CARB (which is more strict than the EPA).  It will probably hang with your 95" in it's current state.  Then you start changing things like high flow air cleaner and a 2 into 1 exhaust (we all know that no dual exhaust will flow the same CF as the 2 into 1.....if performance is what's important to you) you're going to notice a huge difference.  And you can keep going from there, heads, far do you want to go and how fast?

If speed is all that matters, keep your current bike and get one of those 125" motors and put in it.

As for a revolution motor in a touring bike.......I wouldn't hold my breath.  According to HD (they're still preaching it) the two families will never cross bread.

I will be happy with the bike stock, throwing the Screaming Chicken pipes, air cleaner and HD flash and if I get a little more it will all be icing!  :D

The parts of the bike are a secret. I ordered the parts manual and it lists only the replacement numbers. Callled C. Serv at HD and they told me the Cam, Heads are "prioritized" meaning it was not available to the buying public. "huh?" So good luck with finding out what heads are in the bike, except to say they are built for EPA rather then acceleration.
I'm disappointed in the performance. I changed the pipes to V & H, added SE air cleaner and the Racing Module. The bike is quick, but won't do what I thought it should. Most after purchase Strokers wil do a job on this bike because, they have the right heads and pistons, in other words the people who build them did not have the EPA standards to deal with.

It's a great looking bike though! But if I had to do it over again, I'd build one :D

Yea, but this bike (I am hoping) due to it's lower compression and cam, etc. will hold out better, so again I keep telling myself...

I will be more than happy as I stated before.  It's better than stock!   [smiley=xyxthumbs.gif]


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