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More detailed info please

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absolutely correct, you'll enjoy it - and I think it will hold value better then most  [smiley=huepfenjump3.gif]

What is evidently clear is that alot of people buy these bikes for different reasons and one persons idea of performance is different than anothers....and its all good...we all ride Harley and love it. I am more of a performance guy soooooo..I went to my dealership today and asked some insiders this question. Almost all mechanics and parts guys (all asked seperately in confidence) concurred that if you are looking for performance, the best thing to do would be to buy a regular ElectraGlide Standard (but now I am thinking maybe that sweet redesigned RoadGlide) and put the 103 CI Stroker HO kit into it. Every one of them said the cam in the FLHTCSE is just barely a step above the stock. There is only some other very mild engine massaging done but thats it (of course the stroker crank). They also stated that with just a breather and pipes one would be lucky to get about anymoe than 100 rw hp outta one of the SE bikes. Stock they are around 83. This is confirmed on page 446 of the '04 parts catalog and the description and accompanying graph for the part kit on that page. If one were to buy the non SE bike and put the kit I mentioned on it with the SE race tuner, they could get 125 hp or more. The head mechanic told me you could build a brand new bike very similar to the FLHTSCE for a lot less money and it would be much faster.

Thoughts I am sure we all have had, but for me the SE is the way to go to inlcude bang for the buck...

I was getting a little queezy in the stomach everytime I thought of how much I was going to pay for a bike.
I would just look at the list of stuff that comes with it and felt a little better.
Everytime I ride the bike now I like it more and more. I have no regrets.
I had ordered an 03 road glide, then an 04 road glide and was going to punch it out until I saw this bike. If you do the math on what you are getting with the FLHTCSE compared to setting up a road glide the same you won't come close. I mean paint, chrome and motor. I have 2 friends that juiced up their bikes and they haul ass but have spent a lot of extra time in the shop. It is a Harley and I will take all the dependability I can get. I can live with being faster that 95% or the harleys and all my bros on the road. If I get beat too much I'll treat myself to some hot rod goodies. Harley has flooded the market with so many bikes that people don't notice them anymore. People gather around when you pull up on this thing.


That queezy in the stomach feeling.....the same feeling I got just before I bought the house that I live in (I have a couple rentals, also), just before I bought my last Ultra Classic (and then put another $10,000 into it) and just before I bought my Harley truck.


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