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I am looking to buy the Switchblade and would like some guidance on their current value.   Also, what was the MSRP when the bike was introduced in 2001.
The Cycletrader has 6 of them ranging from 20k-25k  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

I've had been looking for about the last 6 months and I had found the same price range.  I finally purchased mine the day after Thanksgiving from a private individual who spent a few more bucks turning it into 95" with alot of SE mods.  All of this within a short journey from home.  That means no shipping charges.  I was able to procure this bike at the low end of the price range and not have the worries of a sight unseen machine.  The MSRP from HD was $21,995 & $22,285 for Calf. model.  If you were to watch Ebay you will see that these motorcycles comand a price of $19,000 to $20,000.  I'lll be attending an auction in the next two weeks where one of these are going up for sale with 6 miles on it.  We've got our bidding credentials and I'll let you know how much it sells for.

motown harley davidson in detroit michigan  had it up for 40,000 when it came out. i have a fxdwg3  it was 32,000 at the same dealer i offererd 26,000 they said no so i went else ware to buy a stock wide glide a month later the day beforew i was gonna buy the stock one the dealer called me and said i could have it for 24,000 and i dropped the check off a hour later.

I saw a blue Fxdwg3 last week for 36K, have seen another for 30,500 bith on the web.
A local dealer had one with 4500 miles for 27,500.  I've seen tham as low as 19,900.

I know this post is several months old, but I just bought one on E-Bay yesterday for 19,600, it has some extras (Carlini drag bar, second stock seat that is never sat upon, and different pegs).  I was exstatic to get the bike for this number. [smiley=1syellow1.gif]


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