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production numbers

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doe's any body  know how many of the red, blue an black bikes they made. never did find out but would like to know.  thanks  [smiley=xyxthumbs.gif]

Per the HD website in 01 there were approx. 1700 in Red and in 02 there were 1950 in the Blue and Black. Here's the link.....!-1128307681!181237812!7005!8005&bmLocale=en_US&ilaction=logout

I called HD about the number of FXDWG3 made I was told there were exactly 1,946 made. I further inquired about how to determine which bike mine was in that number. I was told they did not keep track of them, but that the same question was raised about the aniversary edition ...... so they numbered them. I felt a little diss-ed.

They are not releasing that info to you is the translation.  To prove it, find a similar bike that is non-CVO and try to buy a set of original tins for it.  Your answer will be that it is a protected part and will not sell them for a non-CVO bike.  Now how can they figure out without records?

 know is that total for the black an blue together or is it each? [smiley=1syellow1.gif]


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