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production numbers

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2000 FXDWG3s were produced for world-wide distribution (75 for Europe and  
10 for the UK). (Black & Blue ones)

I'm not sure about the FXDWG2 (Red Ones).

I have a black FXDWG3 w/5k mi...would trade for Red FXDWG2...any takers?

I'd love to know the split between the black and blue models.  I've only seen a few other blue ones even searching around on the web.   If any body ever finds out , please post

I don't know about the blue ones or black ones but there was 1676 red ones built.  144 were California compliant while 1532 were for the other 49 states.  I got this information right from HD which is in line with their web site listing of appox 1700.  I am not sure where the 1465 total came from.  I have seen it in this forum as well as in "for sale" ads. I think maybe it started on an ebay listing and most FXDWG2 I have seen on there say one of 1465.   Not that the 211 makes a big difference but for those who wanted to know it's 1676.

There is a difference in serial numbers between CVO and non CVO bikes IE: a 2001 FXDWG 5th & 6th digits are GE while theFXDWG2 is PB.  If you wanted to buy a new paint set you would need to show your registration or possibly bring in the damaged part to the dealer.  As far as I know there is no way to tell by the serial number when the bike was made and if it was the first or last one made. There is a form which I believe the dealer gets with a new bike called a "warehouse receive form" .  This form has a production date and production number.  The production number for a FXDWG2 should range from 0001 trough 1676.  This information along with $1.25 may buy you a cup of coffee at a 7-11.


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