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Production delays??


I have good news and bad news.  The good news is my black/blue SEEG has arrived!  However, considering the fact that it's supposed to be -20 degrees here in Wis. tonight, I don't plan on a ride anytime soon!

My dealer tells me they are running behind in prodution of the SEEG.  As we know, the black/blue was to be made first, then the orange/black.  He says the next SEEG he is getting will be at the end of Feb. and it will be black/blue.  No orange/black in sight for him at this point.

The delays seem to be due to the paint.  I ordered a tour pac for mine in October and it still isn't here.  Calls to the factory by my dealer leave him not too optimistic about it being here anytime soon.  They blane a painting backlog.

At any rate, that's the latest rumors around here.  Think I'll go stare at my new bike a while.  Good thing the garage is heated!

Jay congratulations on the new ride.  It could be could have an empty garage (I sold my Ultra Classic a month ago) like I do.  Mine isn't even shipping till the end of Feb.

O.K. I told you guys that I'd check on shipping (in another thread).  I got an email from my friend that works at world headquarters.

My bike (blue and black) is supposed to ship on Feb 27th.

The orange and black will start shipping in March, one bike to a dealership approx. every two months.  So, if they all get one in Mar.  then the second one will not be there till May.

However, he did include his usual disclaimer of "pending any unforseen delays".  I sure hope this gives some of you something to hang onto.

Congradulations on the new scooter, I knew there was a reason to keep the road king till the new one arrives,  always something.


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