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Are you looking for a FXDWG2 brochure?

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This brochure as you probably know is in short supply.  I know of 6 available on eBay.  The seller has a "Buy it Now" price of $30.00 plus $4.00 shipping.  You can find the page by going to eBay and putting 7955477804 in the search box.  I purchased a brochure from him and it was brand new with no dealer stamp on it.  He was very prompt in shipping and the brochure came in, in excellent condition.  So if you are looking for one of these and don't mind spending the thirty four bucks, I believe you will be as pleased as I was with the brochure..........Ride Safe

I just received my brouchure. I too paid $34.00 total. The condition was excellent. Thank you very much for the information. When I purchased on 04-07-05, E-bay stated that 7 more brouchures were available. I don't understand this unlimited supply however, I am wicked happy!! Thanks again Swithcblade !! (PS. Are you the guy I saw at Biketoberfest 2002 and stored your bike at ManchVegas Harley's mill building?)



You're welcome, I am glad you are happy with the brochure.  Sorry to say that wasn't me at those events although I would have like to have been there.....Ride Safe

If ANYONE happens to find a POSTER size picture of our scooters, PLEASE let me know....  Wait!   Just buy it and I'll pay you back!

After purchasing my FXDWG2 brouchure on E-bay back in April, I finally purchased a frame for it. I found it on (see link below). I ordered it on a Friday and received it the next Tuesday for 5-bucks shipping (no need for expensive overnight).
The total for this:
brouchure = $30.00
shipping for brouchure = $4.00
dipslay = $11.65
"broken case fee" (need to order more than 99 to eliminate this) = $10.00
shipping for display = $5.00
Grand total = $60.65
to me = priceless


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