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Big change in my plans

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Well Fellas, its been real. I found out from my "home" dealership yesterday morning that I somehow have been screwed out of my SEEG. Apparently there was a "mix up" and their alotment of orange and black was already spoken for......funny its by people who I know are good friends of thiers whose names were not on the big alotment poster just a few days ago>:(. I was told they may get one addtional one, but they wont know if they are even getting it until May, with an arrival date after that which would be unknown. So with that, I went straight to the competition and bought an 04 Arctic white Ultra Classic. (that was my other choice months ago when I started thinking about a new bike). I just got lucky they had it in stock, I paid msrp with only a small dealer I guess it was meant to be the way it all worked out. I am saving my extra beans for an '05 CVO bike. Hope I have some good choices. If what JCZ says is true (as I am sure it is  [smiley=xyxthumbs.gif]) One will be an Electra Glide again. I may have to go for the other model now since I will have a new bagger. But not to worry  :o, I am off today and back to my NEW dealership in just a bit to start and put together the order for stroking out the Ultras motor (to hell with the warranty). I will continue to follow this forum as you guys are good!! Keep it up and I will join you all next year.

that sucks about the SEEG, but i hope you will stay active on the site, like you said you might get a CVO next year and if you stroke out the motor you still have plenty in common with other members here

Unfortunately, with success, arrogance, elitist attitudes, and questionable consumer practices can proliferate. The owner and manager of the HD dealership I bought my bike from feels strongly that HD is long overdue for a backlash. The severity of that backlash will depend on how long HD sits on its coattails (sales, marketing, and consumer oriented issues) and how hungry it's competitors are (the Victory is looking better every year).

Return this is a sad situation.  Did you have a down payment on the bike?  If so then the dealership has to produce a bike (buy it from another dealer) for you.  That's the law (at least here in Calif. it is).  This happended to me before, but they told me "oh don't worry about it, you don't need a deposit".  I insist on it now, just for that reason.

If you didn't and have given up hope, write a letter to your dealership and ask them to be placed on the list for the 05 model.  You'll have to put in there, "assuming there is an 05 model CVO Screamin Eagle Electra Glide".  Mention to them that you will take the responsability of contacting them immediatly after the dealers show in Aug. to confirm the order and give them a deposit at that time.  Tell them that you look forward to their response, then put it in the mail.

Wether they commit to that or not.  Mid summer find out when, exactly, the dealers show is over.  The day that they're back, go see them and place your reservation.

Hang with me......I'm almost done here.  You might consider rather than do a bunch of work to the motor in the Ultra Classic, order a factory 103", pull out the stock 88" motor and sell it.  Just an idea.

Pull the stock 88", go with an S&S 113" and you'll have a bad -ass ride.  The 103" top end is too mild (wimpy)


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