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Big change in my plans

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--- Quote ---Geeze guys you are making me feel bad with your stories about not getting your bike or having to wait a entire year. As I usually buy new every year my dealer called me and asked what the bike of the year was I told him a seeg cvo... he said he had one on the floor I bought it that day and now it's in the garage with 1.5 miles on the spedo. I didn't realize it was that unusual..
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Do you sell every year as well? Or do you keep lining your new bikes up in your garage?

Hey I never thought about the user name not matching the ride. I,ve had that user name on so many acounts .I would hate to change it.
I guess you never know what a good dealer you have until ya hear from across the country. Ours only takes a deposit on anything if he doesnt know ya.
I went out to the garage and looked under that cover turned on that super cvo stereo again and I sure wish it was warm....and the snow was gone...

I trade in every time just the CVO and the wifes heratige out there..


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