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I am looking to replace the tires on my FXDWG2.  I am looking at the Metzler 880's.  Also thinking of going to a 140 in the rear, I would like to go to a 150 but I think that may be a bit too tight.  Anyone made this change.  I'm looking for some feedback and any suggestions....


--- Quote ---I am looking to replace the tires on my FXDWG2.
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I had Metzeler  880's on my last bike and loved them , great traction wet or dry and very good wear.  The dealer wouldn't install them , so I got an indie to.  I'm just replacing the front tire on my FXDWG3 and going with a 90/90 Avon AM41 Venom ( 1 size up from stock).  The dealer installs them and I've heard good things about them .

I have a 150 on my rear , but it was stock on 02 . Metzelers run small , you may have to check clearance.

Nidan, thanks for your reply, I do appreciate it.  I am still considering the 150's but I am sure the dealer won

I recently replaced the rear on my FXDWG3 with a Metzler's 880 150.  It fits fine with ample clearance, and the dealer installed problem.  I love it.  It's a little fatter than the stock tire and seems to handle a little better.  Having run both, I prefer Metzlers over Avon.



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