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Tire Time

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More on the 150's..........I removed the side plates from the rear fender this weekend.  They had pushed the fender inwards, I gained about 1/8 inch clearance per side by removing them.  The reason I removed them is that I am going with a Corbin back rest instead of the sissy bar.  While I was at it, I also reversed the forward fender bolt and used a chrome acorn nut on the outside.   I am not sure that under maximun down travel if the tire would of contacted the nut and or the protruding treads but to be on the safe side I made the change.  So for me the 150 has worked out just fine on my FXDWG2.  I have ridden two up on some pretty bumpy roads with no signs of rubbing anywhere..........Ride Safe.

Anybody tried a 160 Metz on a FXDWG3?  It came stock with 150.  I heard a 160 will fit.

I put the 150/80 GT 502 Dunlop "Screamin Eagle" on about 1000 miles ago .
it is very similar to the Metzeler 880 in look and feel , a bit stiffer. SO far so good


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