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Tire Time

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In 2002 H-D went to a wider fender and 150 tire in the rear.  I have been in touch with a couple of people that have earlier Wide Glides that have put 150s on them.  One bike was a FXDWG2 and the other a 2000 Wide Glide.  The both said that there was not a lot of clearance but niether had any issues, it worked out fine even riding two up.  On the 2000 the fender support bolts had to be reversed.  I won't have that problem as the bolts don't extend into the inside of the fender.  So I have ordered Metzler 880s w/ a 150 for the rear.  I will find out soon if this was the right way to go.  If not I guess the 150 becomes a planter and I will go with a 140.

Hi Guys I am ready for a rear tire also. My dealer said a Metzeler 160/80 HB 16 is the widest I can go on a Low Rider. Any comments ?  [smiley=xyxthumbs.gif]

Hey Maverick, I am not familiar with a low rider and clearances.  You must be running a 150 now if the dealer said you could go to a 160, usually an increase of one size is safe. H-D in 02 wnet to the 150 tire and used a wider fender.   Unless you can find someone with the same bike that has gone to a bigger tire you will need to do some homework on your own.  This link may be helpful  
I put my bike up on the jack taped a wood block to each side at the widest point on the tire to equal the width of the tire I wanted to use and checked the clearances.  Hope this helps.

I loved my Metzelers , have run 3 sets on various bikes. The Venom had good reviews from local riders, and the dealer prefers them.  I'll let you know.  The rear tire is still in good shape , have just under 8,000 on it.  As I'm going up to a 90/90 x 21 that should help the grip too.  Tread wise the AM41 and ME 880's look very similar . I'll put the matching rear on as needed .  If they work well , I'll use them , if not I'll go back to Metzelers.  I dislike dunlops .

The new Avon is on , grips like velcro ! Also due to the way the tread pattern is no more dancing on the rain grooves!  Very similar in look and grip to the ME 880's.
I'd strongly recommend going up to the 90/90 when it's time to get a new front.


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