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I'm Out of Control !!!

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Good grief! ??? I bought the CVO in order to just not do anything. It made sense in theory. Your'all obsessing about this mod and that mod, this tweak and that tweak, stroke this and stroke that, dyno the horn, bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla. I'll avoid that and remain cool as a cat  8).

OK, installing the battery harness on my bike was innocent enough and considered acceptable, non-obsessive, and understandable. As a sidebar, I didn't hear back from any of you, I might add, with any supportive cudo's such as "Great job Psycho for pulling that mod off without dropping your bike!" Not a nothing.  ::)

Well, back on track here--the heated clothing does need to get done, and of course I'll have to pull that seat off once again to install the freakin harness for that thing. But you see that's no problem because since Corbin is looking at a seat for the Deuce now, I should probably take a look at that as well.  [smiley=confused5.gif]

And I just ordered a windvest (color matched for cobalt blue), we'll see how that turns out.  ??? Hey, and I did that without asking anyone how that would look avoiding the "Now psycho, it's all a matter of personal choice" hollier than thou thing !!!  [smiley=bigok.gif] Did it all by myself 8). Yep, made my own decision.

It's begun--the Harley cult-mod-your-bike-forever syndrome!   I can see it now, chrome cyliner liners and rings, stroked horns and shocks, dyno the power output of the windshield mounted stereo, and of course the commando chip or whatever the hell you call it for increased MPG.  Good grief! [smiley=confused5.gif] I've gone completely bonkers  [smiley=huepfenjump3.gif]

sounds like you will have it all except training wheels-just kidding everyone starts somewhere by years end you,ll  be giving advice to newbees on the do,s and don,t while iron butting across country. looking foward to a hook-up who knows where--ak


--- Quote ---sounds like you will have it all except training wheels
--- End quote ---

Hey, good idea. A Voyager System!

Let me know what kind of results you get from stroking the horn.

Psyco you did a whole lotta typin' and didn't say anything........what we want to know is "do you have your reservations for Sturgis yet??" ;D


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