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Good Day, and let me first say that I joined yesterday and ended up spending most of the day reading...lots of good info!  A couple things that I did not see tho, and I have been curious about.  Gas Mileage?  How is it?  
I was getting 45-50 mpg highway on my punched out Road King, and was hoping to get that or close on the CSE.  By the way, mine is sitting in the dealer waiting for accessories before delivery.  It was beautiful when I first saw it.  Thanks for any help with the MPG.

Welcome to the board Doc.

Not sure about the mileage.....mine gets here Feb. 27th. (but whoose counting?)

In my Harley truck I get about 11 miles to the gallon so I'll be happy with whatever on my bike.  I never really checked out the mpg on any of my bikes.

i run mid 40's on both my SERK and my 113" softail

Hmmm... I havent seen over 40 mpg on my SEEG...I guess I should quit going 100 mph down the freeway [smiley=xyxthumbs.gif]

same here and i don,t get over 7500 mlies on rear tire on 99 road king, on the 04 electria gilde they claim 30% extra tire life thats a plus..i,m going slower on o4 so i can hear tunes going to leave short wind shield  on for a spell looks to cool to change for now--------ak


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