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Ostrich Grips

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I read a post on another forum about a guy who had put ostrich grips on his bike.  I actually went out and found the site where they were but did not bookmark it.  I will be damned if I can find it now that I am ready to order though.  Anybody have any info on those grips.  They sure are cool!

Never mind all, as soon as my post hit the forum I saw the post from Nidan about the SAC Grips.  Boy do I feel stupid. [smiley=nixweiss.gif]

They are REAL comfy , and the little quill bumps give ya good grip


Are they the same color as the stock Harley seat?  I am waiting for the Corbin Dual Tour that Buffy has on his in a color called Buff.  Which appears to be a little lighter than the stock Harley color which I would call carmel.  I plan on using the Dual Tour mostly for longer rides with the wife and keep the stock seat (which I have a spare of by the way) for daily rides.

Can't wait to get 'em. [smiley=laugh.gif]

Ok gentlemen.  Really hate to do this to you.  But you had to know it was coming.....

[smiley=worthless.gif] [smiley=worthless.gif]


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