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Anyone install a brake/run/turn signal relay?  I installed the Kuryakyn relay and it makes a whine in the stereo, of all places?  I took it back off, and the whine went away.  It has the load equalizer installed also.  Any ideas?  Or would it be a bad relay maybe?  Also, if anyone else has any ideas for things to install electronically, I would be interested...

By the way, I bought an I-Pod for MP3 playing, and a Transpod to send the music to the stereo (FM radio).  It works great, if you want all week tunes without repeats for long trips.

How about a satilite radio (see my homepage) or the Kuryakyn Panacea light kit (with smoke lense to match the turn signals).

As far as your problem, I'm not sure what you installed, but my guess is it is bad if it make your radio whine.


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