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looks good [smiley=beerchug.gif], but what happened to the passenger backrest ???

Ah yes, the backrest(s). It was my feeling that the backrest(s) detracted from the wonderful rear-sloping profile of the Screamin' Eagle bikes - especially so with their respective Tour-Paks and fishing pole-sized antennas removed. Also, the stock seats have quite nice rider 'pockets' happening and the removal of the rider's backrests really shows that off.

At the same time, with a 'naked' detachable passenger backrest, you get a 'mini sissybar' sense. After removing the backrest pad, flip the stock chrome bracket around to the front. In it's place, I installed the Billet Passenger Backrest Mount and end up with what you see in the picture.

With the annual Rolling Thunder Ride To The Wall event just hours away, it makes for a superb double-flag mounting point utilizing Harley's Sissybar Flag Mount Kits. (NOTE: On my FLTRSEI, I would utilize the trunk mount flag poles designed for hard saddlebags or Tour-Pak/glass mounting but invariably this ends up causing varying degrees of paint scuffing/damage. I always hated that and while spending a couple of hours rubbing out last years' scuffing, I came up with this alternative since both models utilize the same backrest arrangement).


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