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Hi all.  I was just turned on to this site by a guy at Radio Sound (the folks who manufacture HD radios) after bugging him about adding rear speakers to my SEEG. I see you already know the bad news about that.

I have a black/blue 04 SEEG and live near Atlanta, GA.  I picked the bike up from Bud's HD in Evansville, IN last October and have logged about 1600 miles on it so far. My buddy John just picked up an orange / black SEEG a couple weeks ago.  If you think one SEEG turns heads you should see peoples reactions when both versions are riding side by side!

Most of the mods I have made so far are cosmetic (billet bag latches, Kuryakyn smoked laydown Panacea tail / turn lights, 8" Fastaire windsheild, Dakota Digital antenna, HD laydown LP bracket, detachable King Tour-Pak, 11 blue LED lights to illuminate the chrome features at night and a J&M MI1590 intercom system).

I have ordered two Corbin seats (a "dual tour" and a "stinger") along with a rider backrest and tour-pak trunkrest.  I ordered them about 5 weeks ago and still haven't received them. I do hope they arrive soon!

I started a Delphi forum a couple months ago for Screamin Eagles. Check it out at

Looks like a great site you have here. I'll be sure to spread the word!

MoChrome welcome to the board.  That was me that was emailing back and forth with Radio Sound.

Go to the forum for pictures and you'll see the whole Corbin operation, step by step, on my seat.  They used my bike for a week and I got the Dual Tour for compensation for that.

There's also a slide show that shows me and AK (another member on this site that has a blue and black SEEG) in San Francisco together.  Two, together, really turn heads, especially when they're the same color!

Thanks.  I did see your Corbin slide show.  I pasted the link to it in the other SE forum. Now if they would just get mine done!


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