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FXWDG2 Geometry


I had a 1999 Wideglide. Nice bike once you changed the bars to a Ness like flat track configuration - but nothing to scream about beyond the obvious HD traits.

Then good luck shown on me and I had a chance to get a fxdwg2 in early 2001 from a cancellation in my home area. I jumped at it as the price was LIST and I knew this would be the last time it's value would be at this point. Plus everything was just perfect (for me) the way the bike was layed out.

Here's my question: CVO Techies: Why does this bike handle soooo much better than my previous '99 Wideglide EXACTLY?

I think I know but I would like to hear it from an author.

Thanks .... chux_sway  [smiley=1syellow1.gif]

While I am not positive on exactly why. More than likely, beacuse the CVO Dyna comes lowered front & rear from HD. Typically a lower center of gravilty translates to a better handling machine. It isnt as top heavy. I know when I had my Dyna, after I lowered it, the handling changed dramatically.

.... Any more thoughts, maybe via the CVO guys? [smiley=bigok.gif]


--- Quote ---.... Any more thoughts, maybe via the CVO guys? [smiley=bigok.gif]
--- End quote ---

I just purchased a fxdwg2 and have a 99 dwg and agree the handling is way easier. The downside is I can't lay back the way I did on the 99.

My fxr3 came from the factory with motocross style handle bars and lowered front and rear(FOX shocks) with that alone you can take names when it comes to handling,,,one of the biggest handling perks on a motorcycle is foot placement though,,,and the fxr's come with center mounted pegs,,,day night difference between forward mounted controls,,not only are mid-controls better for handling,,,,you can also lift your ass off the seat to avoid hard hits,,,or just to stretch and move.


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