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Oh for a dull fuel console door!


I am tired of getting lazer beams in my eye from the sun reflecting off the fuel console door.   I had the same problem with my Ultra, but the angel of this one on the SEEG makes it seem worse.  The covers that Harley has in the accessory book look just as bright and none of them hit me as being that good looking.  Does anyone have any good ideas ( that are also sharp looking) to take care of this problem?

Hi Jay,  There is fuel door or lid with with bar and shield etched in inside of theat it says harley davidson cycles it really looks cool.  I installed it on mine after  picking it up from dealer.  The part number is 99788-04  $52.95.   Dont know yet it helps with the sun yet just got the bike today.  Boy is it awesome, I really like it.   Jackhd [smiley=beerchug.gif]

I have seen other non SEEG bikes where the fuel doors were painted to match the tank. Not sure how it would look, but it's something to think about.

You must of misunderstood me the fuel lid is chrome but with the emblem itched in on chrome. [smiley=xyxthumbs.gif]Jackhd


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