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Motor mount bolts


Ride n Shine:
4 of my riding buddies ride '05 & '06 CVO V-Rods and have all had to replace brocken front motor mounting bolts but the 1 buddy has a 1125 V-Rod with no trouble at all. Is this common with the CVO V-Rod?

Don't know about the CVO V-rod but my 07 DX has been flawless since Day One

Ride n Shine:
That good. She's using oil as there been a bit of talk about the Night Rods oil usage?

Hadn't heard about any unusual oil usage either - I ride with a few V-rodder's here in NJ/PA and everyone's had pretty much trouble-free service over the past 3 years or so I've known these guys.

I'm going to do a big V-rod group ride the last weekend of this month & I'll ask around about both the bolts and oil.

My experience has been nothing other than flawless operation, but if I hear some negatives, I'll post them.


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