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New to the forum, considering a 2004 FLHTCSE

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Howdy, I've been a member of this forum for several years but I always used it for research, and may not have ever posted before.

I feel in love with the orange and black 2004 FLHTCSE when it was first announced back in '03, but a little financial misfortune kept me from buying one then.  I'm riding an '07 FLHTC now, and I like it, but the itch for that screaming eagle bike comes back every now and then.

I've found an '04 FLHTCSE with low miles for a decent price, and am strongly considering pulling the trigger and trading my '07 Classic for it.  I owned an '05 Ultra before the '07 so I understand the cam chain issues and the difference between the 5 spd and 6 spd (I personally DO NOT LIKE the transmission on my '07, I feel like I'm rowing it through the gears constantly).  This particular bike has some flaking/peeling chrome issues (front wheel, one floorboard insert, and the tip of the exhaust).  The problem is that this bike is 800 miles away and I haven't laid eyes on it yet.

I'm not terribly worried about the chrome, if the problems are limited to these areas.  The wheel will be the most serious, but it can be rechromed or a new custom wheel is not all THAT expensive.

Is there anything about these bikes that I need to be aware of?  Seems like I remember some starter problems on the 103 motors?  Any other problems that I need to be aware and watch out for?

Thanks in advance ...

You've hit on the common problems that were found in these bikes ('04 SEEG's).... cam chain tensioners, chrome peeling.... other then those (IMO) you can't go wrong w/owning one of these bikes, and I wouldn't not own one because of those. There are plenty of us on this board that still own and enjoy the SEEG's ('04/'05) and wouldn't think about getting rid of them. I don't recall a wide spread problem w/the starters going out I've heard people complain about sometime hearing/getting kick back from them when starting. I've been wanting something to go wrong w/mine so I could pay the difference and upgrade to chrome while I still have the ESP. ;D

Ride Safe,


With the exception of the cam chain tensioner issue, I believe you will find the '04/'05 SEEG's to be much more reliable than the stuff H-D is pawning off on consumers these days.  The chrome peeling issue seemed to be much worse in '04 than in '05, but as you noted you can always replace a wheel and footboard if the price of the bike is right.

I personally think the ratio's in the 5 speed box are better than the ratio's available on the Cruise Drive, especially 1st.  And unless you normally cruise at 80 mph and up, I don't see any real advantage to the 6th gear either.  The changes made by H-D with the new primary and the Cruise Drive weren't necessarily a step forward, IMHO.

If the price is right, I think you will be very happy with that "pumpkin".  :2vrolijk_21:


For $15,900 with 20K I don't think I can go wrong.

I hope not, because I think I'm going to do it.

I remember when I traded my perfectly good '05 Ultra for the '07 EG Classic, thinking that the motor was about the same as my '05 with a D&D 2 into 1 pipe, stage 1 breather and a PCIII tuned for economy.  THe 96 incher definitely runs hotter, and I never cared for the six speed transmission.  There is something else they did with the 6 speed that causes compensators to go out, $500 worth to get that fixed.  I also needed to add the cush drive hub that comes standard on '08 and new bikes.

All in all the best upgrade from the '05 to the '07 was the stereo with the MP3 player, I will miss that.

Do Road King seats fit the FLHTCSE?  I'd like to get a Corbin Hollywood solo and dislike their new keylock mounting system, so I thought I would get a used seat from a Road King.


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