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Destroyers will be running at Orlando During 2011 Bike Week

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 :2vrolijk_21: :2vrolijk_21: Sounds like a 'plan'.  har.  spyder


--- Quote from: CVOStreetglide on January 10, 2011, 09:54:49 PM ---It's been awile since any posts were made here so I thought I would provide some current information for those who are heading to Bike Week.

The AHDRA has moved it's spring kick off from Gainesville to Orlando.

So if you are interested in Harley motorcycle drag racing, come on over and see the top fuel and the Destroyers run.

FWIW: Several Destroyers are seeing the low nines now.



--- End quote ---

If you've never seen Harley's races, come on by. Top Fuel bikes doing the 1/4 mile in 6.3 seconds @ 230+ miles per hour. Riding the back tire only for 1200' of the 1320' and the smell of nitro and burning rubber. Lots of stock bikes competing also, just a GREAT time for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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