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I’d like to see who is going to Sturgis this year, so maybe we can all meet up and drive into town at the same time, I think this mite look very cool. 2002 and 2003 all at the same time.  I’m  set-up at the Rapid City Econo Lodge for the week, not the best place, but it will do.

So if you can replay to this post with year of your bike and dates you will be in Sturgis, I’ll try to get us all together.  What do you say!

What sort of schedule for the ride out and the ride back do you have in mind?  I think that would be a good showing.

My plans are as follows, I and a group of 4 depart Chicago 8-2-2003 first stop is Sioux Falls SD, that’s about 550 miles for day 1. day 2 Rapid City Econo Lodge for the 3-6 we depart on the 7th.  We could hook up on the way out or just meet in Rapid City and do a redi in to Sturgis.

Put a little over two hundred miles on the bike Easter dodging rain and relatives. Still, an enjoyable day.  Roads in this are OK, still have residual sand.  Waiting for confirmation on reservations in Rapid City for the week.  I could meet up with you around Black River Falls, WI.  I'll be riding two-up.


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