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Two-Tone Electric Cherry/Vivid Black

Two-Tone Candy Cobalt/Starlight Black

Two-Tone Platinum Mist/Slate

People have made color comments on the 05's already to the tune of Yuk!  I wold not be too critical yet.  Pictures do not do them justice.  I know that I did not care for the yellow 04' Deuce but when I saw one inthe dealership, I was very impressed.  It looked totally different.  It was silver and not white which the picture led you to believe.

Aside from the CVO's the new colors offered on the Softail line look great  They have a Candy apple red and black; black pearl, and some other nice new schems.

I guess I am just really surprised that they did not introduce a chopper in 05'.  They are missing a big portion of the high dollar spenders by not doing this.  I had received a questionaire from HD back in December that had questions about choppers, would you consider a chopper from HD, etc.  

Well, I look forward to seeing some new members on the site soon as these machines begin to get purchased.


I'd have to agree with you on the yellow deuce.  I look for the chopper in 2006 if you look a some of the paint, they have "chopper blue"


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