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Oil usage (again)

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--- Quote ---If you put anymore than 2 1/3 quarts in mine it will blow it out the breather. I change oil and filter every 3,000 miles never have to add any at all between changes.  However, if the dealer changes the oil they'll put 3 quarts in it everytime and the 2/3 quart will be gone in no time. Bet you'll find what they're all telling you to be true. Change the oil and filter. Put in 2 1/3 quarts and problem solved... I hope...worked for me.
--- End quote ---

I had already tried this myself prior to handing it over to the dealer. It resulted in another oil light coming on between 2000km and 3000km.

Going to take it to another dealer next week to give them a crack at it.  ;D

I experience similar oil consumption with my 2009 FXDFSE. I got it with 9100km and had a service with oil change done. Now, with 11.600 km I heard a ticking noise when the bike was hot and idle which came from the valve hydros and finally the reason for this "sound" was low oil level. Oil warning bulb did not yet come up.
I filled in 1.25 Liter (which is slightly more whan a quart) to full hot and I will now see what happens the next 1.000km.

Any news on oil consumption from the thread owner?
Is it worth to buy one of these digital oil sticks (are they accurate?)


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I know it's an old thread, but I thought I'd come in to say FINALLY the oil issue got resolved after trying a number of different shops. It's been around 9 months and 5000km now, and I haven't had to top up at all.

I mentioned to the mechanic at Northern Beaches Harley in Sydney about what was going on - and he asked a couple of other questions about starting reliability, he recommended replacing the ACRs as he thought it might not be sealing correctly..

And with that, no more topping up oil  :nixweiss: ;D


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