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Illinos SEEG owners

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Just wondering how many of you out there in illinois still have a SEEG ?  Just thought this would be a nice survey ( really i'm just nosy  :D ) still think they're the best ones.

One here in Chicago

2012 cvo orange blk in chicago


--- Quote from: denis on June 07, 2012, 07:04:58 PM ---2012 cvo orange blk in chicago

--- End quote ---

By SEEG, I'm pretty sure he is talking about the 2004/2005 FLHTCSE and FLHTCSE2.  I still have one, but I'm from across the border in Indiana.


I used to have a red one, but then rode a 2009 CVO Ultra with the new frame and improved handling and it was bye-bye time for the SEEG. Also I recall that the "pin striping" at least on the gas tank for 2005 was actually a decal and not paint. That sort of bothered me.


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