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i have lurked but not posted here because i don't have a cvo - just a wannabe.  i am very serious about trading my ultra for a new CVO road king.  while looking at the site today, my wife really liked the cvo breakout - much to my surprise.  she would trade her deluxe for the breakout, but the limiting factor would be floorboards.  she doesn't like forwards.  i know it's early, but i want to strike when the irons hot before she changes her mind.  any inkling if you think deluxe floorboards might fit on the breakout?

be kind - i might be a newbie here, but not at another site many of you frequent.

thx - tin

I'm curious about the same thing as well.
 Not sure if floorboards fit the style . . .

I do have a 2011 Softail Convertible with floorboards so I'm thinking it should work too.  I was curious because the harley website does not offer any rider floorboards for the Breakout,only passenger ones.

I don't know why you couldn't put floorboards on it, it's the same frame as the Deluxe, Heritage, FatBoy, and those all have floorboards. I can't imagine one frame being so different from the others it would not take floorboards.
But I could be wrong.

Mark / Ironhorse is correct.  I've seen forward controls on a bagged too.  I'm sure there is a way.  The real question will be from what collection.  Enjoy.

It looks to be very similar to the Softail Springer with the 240 rear tire. The Bike sits low and you will most likely scrape the floorboards on turns. There is a recent comment on the cvo springer where someone did add floorboards with pictures.


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