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2013 cvo breakout

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What do you think about the the breakout?

The coolest cvo softail since the cvo Deuce in my opinion.  Silver and Black is nice.

I like the silver and black too. Wonder how it handels with that 240 tire?

Nice bike, not crazy about the name. It reminds me of a teenager with bad skin... :huepfenlol2:


--- Quote from: cvo1717 on August 21, 2012, 10:44:07 PM ---What do you think about the the breakout?

--- End quote ---

I  can dig it  ;)  My kid is in the ARMY and he says alot of the guys have been waiting to see them in person.

After all they are the next generation of bikers  getting off the crotch rocket and on to the HARLEY   :2vrolijk_21:


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