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IMHO the Ipod is cool but does not look too good on the handlebars. I posted a few months ago about changing out the HD CD player AND still using all of the stock hand controls. I did this on a Road Rod AND on my SERG.

If you do this then you can get the Neo Hard Drive in 20, 40, 60 80 or even 120GB! They sell interfaces for Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood Etc. that just plug into the back of the CD player and make it appear as a CD changer to your head unit. You can then mount it in a trunk or saddlebag and USE YOUR HD hand controls to operate it while driving down the road! Artists and Song Titles will appear on your CD player's face plate and you can even set up play lists etc and control them from the stock hand controls.

However, although I AM from JCZ's generation and a knucklehead, I AM ALSO cumputer knowledgeable and this may have helped me, [smiley=laugh.gif]

As far as looks on the handlebars...I agree.  But then is very functional.  Trade off.  Some people will put up with it...some people will go to a lot of hard work to make it look better.  Either way you choose is the best way for you.  

As far as where to buy an IPod...I think the prices are set by Apple.  $400 was what I bought it for a while back.  I think everywhere that sells them is required to keep the same price.  CompUSA (not sure how widespread this company is) is where I bought mine.  They also have a bunch of accessories.  Try the website maybe.  I know they sell stuff there.

You guys should check out the Dell DJ. Substantially cheaper than a IPod for the same or more functionality/capacity. However, I could be biased.  [smiley=blush.gif]


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