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I do not care what anyone says, time is going faster and someone better slow this clock down!  You say you don’t believe it?  Well take a look at some of the top stories of this past twelve months and ask how long ago it they occur?

•   Newtown shootings
•   Election 2012
•   Whitney Houston found dead
•   Hurricane Sandy
•   Gas Prices
•   Trayvon Martin case
•   JCZ & Terrie retire from motorcycling
•   Colorado shooting
•   U.S. Economy
•   Jerry Sandusky trial
•   RibFest 2012
•   Joran van der Sloot
•   Assault in Benghazi
•   Miami cannibal attack
•   Obamacare
•   Facebook IPO

Speaking of the past year this site continues to grow and I am no longer amazed any more to what level.  As I review member avatars and their locations I see countries I cannot even pronounce.  Perhaps one day I will be granted the blessing to have traveled to some of these locations.  In the meantime I will travel there via the posting of members.

It has been another year of our members spanning the globe for rides, eats, gatherings and just for the fun of it!  I too was the benefactor of such events and I am grateful for the experience and work of others that contribute in these matters.  We are so fortunate to have this group of members.

Below you will find four chapters of our adventures this past year.  I cannot wait to experience this year’s opportunities and so much more.


Please note:  For a more enjoyable experience please allow the file to download from the hosting site prior to viewing.

Click on "Watch on Vimeo" to be linked to the video...

2012 Year In Review Chapter One

2012 Year In Review Chapter Two

2012 Year In Review Chapter Three

2012 Year In Review Chapter Four

All I can say is ..."Wow!" 

Happy New Year Jock!  and Thanks!  spyder

Well done, thank you Jock!   :2vrolijk_21:

Absolutely fantastic, Jock...  

It's thru photos like these and all the stories each year that I feel I know so many of you...

Fine job!   :2vrolijk_21:


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