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--- Quote ---Well, the question got aswered for me the easy way. I just talked to the guy here a few hours ago and all he can get is the Red, so I went ahead and ordered it. I pick it up on Dec 20, perfect Christmas gift to me.
--- End quote ---

I saw all three, in sunlight, before I bought the Canyon copper / Red one
Now has 950 miles and a thousand smiles
Hurry Home Safe

Hi Jules,
Welcome to the site, glad to have you. From one vet to another I to would like to add thanks for serving and keeping us safe. Now since you've already got several responses, and I see have ordered your bike hurry home so you can get in the wind.

What is this some kind of [smiley=cherry.gif]conspiracy???? ;D

Ride Safe,

Congrats on the bike, but a very sincere THANK YOU for your service!

Color - Just a word of wisdom -

The HD pics do absolutely NO justice to the bikes.  I had a Blue Springer that looked awsome....I think the gold is going to be the best, but personal preferences.....


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