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Power Commander Map?


I decided to order some Rinehart Staggerd exhaust for the Fatboy along with a power commander.  Come to find out there are no maps to download on Dyno web page so they reccomended a custom map.  This is all new to me so what would be my next step, the things are not set to come in for a couple of weeks because the pipes are on back order and I told them to ship complete?  Thanks for any help or advice in advance!

After you get the bike take it to a dyno tune center.  They have the right dyno and trained techs to get you a custom map. For reference mine cost $200 and if I make changes to my bike he will make a new map for $100.

Thanks Cabo, I had a look at that link.  I'll give one a call next week and schedule an appointment.

Boy was the Dynotune worth it, I can't believe how much difference that made to the overall performance to the bike.  Runs flawless through the RPM's with a noticable jump in power and torque.  If someone is interested in the map I had made shoot me an email and I will forward on [smiley=biggthumpup.gif].

What mods have been done to your bike that map was then applied to?  Always interested in reading another good map though so if you don't mind I'd love to see it.  Will drop a note with the email address.  Thanks.


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