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Help on CVO Breakout Brakeline


I am installing Carlini 14inch Pist Apes on my 2014 CVO Breakout.
Can anybody tell me where to get an extended top brake line for my bike??
I got the clutch through Magnum Shielding along with a standard Breakout brake line.
Do I have to have one built by them or does someone else offer one?
Any help would be appreciated!!

Send your stock line to Magnum and tell them to add 6 inches.  They'll make one for you that will match your clutch line.


Do you know the length of break and clutch lines that you ended up getting. I'm having the same issue. I also ordered 14" apes. Here is a pic of the apes but will be on my 2014 Breakout CVO. Thanks for any help.


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