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1 1/2 apehangers?

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Louie u:
I am looking for 1 1/2 apehanger stepped down to 1 1/4 for the riser. The only thing I can find is BR and they are awesome custom made bars but $600 for bars is a little much. Anyone using BR apes or is there any 1 1/2 apes out there? Thanks

Vinditka. Joe custom makes 1.5 bars.

Louie u:
Thanks checked out site. .very reasonable. .

I think Buky makes a 1.5" bar also.

BR's are worth the money, IMO. and the chrome is show quality. Wels are seamless and very nice bars.

Louie u:
Yes, Buky does on was looking at them for my Roadglide. ..called said they don't make them for cvo breakout. Thanks though!


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